Site rebranding


For the past 2 months we’ve been working on a new webpage design so that it would look more attractive and clear.
Last week Valve rolled out a update that blocks all items for seven days after they have been traded. That resulted in us recreating our bot system so that now one bot will receive and send the items.

All the information regarding the rebrand of our site you can find below.

Changes to the site:

1. Main page

  • New graphic design.
  • New banners on which we will display different things eg. giveaways, custom shops, important informations.
  • Webpage statistics: how many people are registered on the site (from the beginning, last 24h), how many items are on sale (unblocked and blocked)
  • HOT DEALS” section in which discounted items will appear (6 items displayed at a time)
  • Modified “FEATURED” section (6 items displayed at a time)
  • WHY US - Why you should trust us!
  • Adjusted page footers (top and bottom)
  • Social Media above the banners - stay closer to us!

2. Loyalty Program

  • Completely new graphic design which brings pleasure and helps you earn money.
  • Graphical visualization with descriptions of “How to earn” so that our users know what to do to add extra money to their wallets.

3. New section - Partnership

  • We want our service to evolve constantly that is why we want more and more people to partner up with us.
  • A prepared form will help you contact us with ease with all the information about you and your business.

4. Items

  • We have rebuild the item section so that when you open an item on the site you can see its whole statistics and informations.
  • Added a graph of recent sales.
  • History of last 20 sold items of the same kind.
  • Price archive with which you will be able to check how to price have changed over time .
  • If you are searching for a different quality of the item that you entered now you will be able to check its price and buy it from the same page.
  • Similar items - here are listed all the similar items that other people have put up for sale.

5. Shops from youtubers/streamers

  • All creators that partner up with us are getting a specially dedicated and personalized graphic design of their shop.
  • Link your social media and write some of your info for other to see.
  • FOLLOW SHOP” - when you follow a shop you will get notified when they add new items.

6. Item tile

  • New graphic design for the default tile as well as new one for a discounted item on the main page.
  • Price discount will be displayed in a red frame instead of green like on the old site.
  • Old price will appear in colour red and will be crossed (price is taken from Steam Market)
  • Wear - Float value.
  • Added a stripe which will display items wear level.


Changes in the bot system (caused by Valve trade update):

  • Old bot - was gathering different items from different bots and then sending you one offer so that you didn’t have to accept e.g. 20 offers.
  • New bots - will send you multiple offers and you will have accept all of them separately.


​The default currency is still USD but for some of you that are more demanding you can now change your currency to: PLN, EUR, GBP.


We hope you like and enjoy the new update and we encourage you to comment on the changes on our Facebook fan page.

CSGOStore Team