What is CSGOStore?
CSGOStore is a marketplace for in-game weapons from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It operates in similar ways as Steam Market. The best advantage of CSGOStore is the possibility of selling your skins at the peak prices. Other advantage is that you are not in danger of losing your funds and you don’t need a third person to make the deal happen. Usage of our site is completely safe yet you need to be 18 Years of age.

Loyalty Program

Our store offers a Loyalty Program which consist of two levels of advertisement. You can call it a system of web distribution. To make it easier, the representative of the store that sells products on our page earns a fee from the sell. He then recruits more people from which he will also earn a percent of their fee. To sum up we create a business relation in which everyone benefits. Every representative has their supervisor that introduces him into the business but he also teaches you, helps you and motivates you to do more.

How to start?

First step is to log into the site with your steam account. Next you need to verify your email address and insert your steam trade URL. Your inventory needs to be public otherwise we won’t be able to send you your skins.

After your inventory loads you need to pick which items you want to sell. Next set the price of each item. The system will comply the store fee to the price you gave, immediately after you will be sent an offer. You have have 5 minutes to accept the offer. In the case of which of the steps want wrong you will have to go back to the beginning and set everything from the start.

Buying is as easy as selling. You can use our search engine to quickly locate the item that peeked your interest. When you want to buy an item simply click left mouse button on the blue area “Cart”. In the upper right corner you will see the cart bookmark. When you’re finished selecting the items you want to buy click the Cart button in the upper right corner and you will see the item list that you chose to buy. Click Buy now and you will be prompted to your transaction, choose the method of payment and enjoy your skins.

Every transaction has a 10% fee. You can lower the fee to 5% by upgrading your account to premium for 4.99$.



Can I withdraw a sell offer?

Yes. Click on your name then go to “Sales” and use the button “Withdraw”.

Can I edit the prices of my items?

Yes. Click on your name then go to “Sales” and change the price of your item.

How to withdraw money?
Click on your nickname then withdraw funds. You will have to give us your information and we will send you the money in Bitcoins within 2 to 7 working days. In case the money does not arrive please contact us through “support” in the lower right corner.

What do I get from upgrading to premium?
The premium upgrade lowers your fees from 10% to 5%. You get one bump to put your item on the top of recommended items on the site, 5 bumps to newest. You will also see advanced statistics of your sales. Click on your name and go to your profile, there you can upgrade your premium.

What does “bump” and “feature” do?
Thanks to those two features you can put your items onto the featured page and later “bump” them once they get older. It’s a great tool if you want more people to notice it and buy it.

What Live Chat and what is its purpose?

Live chat is an efficient tool of communication with us. You can contact our administrators and support if you have any problem. It's the fastest way of solving your problems, answering your questions or sorting out any ambiguities.

How many items can I buy/sell?
Maximum amount in one transaction is 100 items.

How do you determine the prices?
We use the average price of the market sold prices.

Do I need to register a company to sell or buy skins?
No, you don't need any company. In the event of withdrawing funds we need to collect your personal information.


I bought a skin and didn't retrieve it on time. How can i resend the offer?

Go to "Trade History" on our page and click resend.


What does it mean expired in my orders?

In means the product wasn’t paid for.

Why can’t I withdraw all the funds in my wallet?

The money you added to our page can only be used to buy skins it cannot be withdrawn due to anti-money laundering policy. The amount from your sold skins can be withdrawn to your bank account in full.


What is BIC?

BIC number is also known as SWIFT CODE, it’s banks unique code from which they are verified in international wire transfers. It contains of 6 letters, 5 numbers from which last three could be 0’s. It helps to quickly identify beneficiary’s bank.


What is IBAN?

It’s a international standard bank account number that is used in over 60 countries all over the world. To sum up it’s your bank account number with 2 letters before which define your country.

Do I need to have a active Steam Mobile Authenticator to buy or sell skins?
Yes. You need to have it activated for at least 14 days.

How to turn on Steam Mobile Autenthicator/Steam Guard?

You can find a guide here.


What is the difference between "normall sell" and "quick sell"?

When you go to "normal sell" you will list your items on the market and then someone needs to buy them so you can get your money. When you "quick sell" you sell the items will go immediately to your wallet.


Why some of my skins don't show up on the page?

If you're using the "quick sell" option some of the skins don't show up because we are not buying all the skins that are there due to the fact that some skins aren't popular or their price fluctuates alot.


I've sold my skin, it disappeared from the market but I still haven't recieved the money, why?

The most probable reason is that someone tried buying the skin but his wire transfer either didn't come yet or he didn't do the transfer. In such case your skin will go back on the market in around 30 minutes.